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With countless possibilities, the Scoreboard is the perfect coat hanger for the modern home. Scoreboard was designed to give a graphical feel and is a unique way to both store and showcase your favourite items. The boards can be used individually or combined to create a multifunctional piece of furniture.
Try it with our Correlations Bench or SJ Bookcase for multiple storage options.
Each scoreboard includes 12 pegs with painted edges and different depths:
· 4 x 4 cm pegs (2 white, 2 pink)
· 4 x 8 cm pegs (2 red, 2 steel blue)
· 4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue)

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Scoreboard Small:
Height: 17 cm
Width: 36 cm
Weight: 1 kg

Material: Moso bamboo
Cleaning and maintenance: Bamboo is a natural material and color differences may occur. To clean the bamboo, use a damp cloth with a small amount of soap. Maintenance is done by sanding with sandpaper (grain 180) in the direction of the fibres and afterwards linseed oil must be applied 3 times.

Delivered in a flat package, final assembly done at home.

Watch assembly instruction video for tips and tricks.

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Sebastian Jørgensen

A piece of furniture is a succes when it invites you to use it and does not require to much explanation. That's the opinion of Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen.

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