SJ Bookcase


The SJ Bookcase is a redefinition of the traditional bookcase and a statement design that would decorate any room, and even more so when displaying your personally preferred items. Its three shelves are movable enabling you to rearrange them over time and hereby give them a new expression over and over again.

Responsible furniture

In order to increase the availability of responsible furniture, the SJ Bookcase are made from FSC® certified oak. Our new series of oak products meets the needs of customers who prefer Scandinavian eco-friendly materials and styles.

Horizontal bookcase: H:27 x W:37 x D:22 cm
Square bookcase: H:32 x W:32 x D:24 cm
Vertical bookcase: H:42 x W:26 x D:26 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg

Material: FSC® certified oak + veneer

Delivered in flat pack. Final assembly done at home.

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Meet our designer

A piece of furniture is a succes when it invites you to use it and does not require to much explanation. That’s the option of Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen.

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At We Do Wood we’re all about walking the talk. We create aesthetic furniture; and always with a sustainable footprint.
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