We Do Act


We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011 with an ambition to unite Danish furniture manufactoring and strict principles, based on using environmentally materials to produce products that will not put any more pressure on the climate. Today, more than 10 years later We Do Wood still strives to put the words of this ambition into practice by following the highest quality standards when it comes to the selection of suppliers, materials and furniture manufactors.

‘We Do Wood strive to follow the principles of Sustainable Development and the standards of Circular Economy’ 

Circular economy


Our goal is to create quality furniture that is both honest in function and expression. Therefore we advocate for circular economy and strive to live up to the standards that define concept.

For We Do Wood the five pillars we follow of Circular Economy are: Local Production,  No Chemicals, No Waste, Upcycling and Recycling.

Made in Denmark

We not only design our products in Denmark but we also produce our them locally in Denmark, to ensure high production standards and to support and ensure jobs at local companies.

The local manufactor that is producing the furniture of We Do Wood:

–  Is a FSC® certified partner

– Uses renewable energy

– Produces our furniture without chemicals

– Ensures to incorporate leftovers in new products

Responsible furniture

To create responsible furniture we use residual materials, and environmentally friendly materials.

We Do Wood is certified FSC® C138925 / GFA-COC-003142-BK, and we only use FSC® certified suppliers for the delivery of materials to our products in wood.

To improve the environmental accountability and to reduce the carbon footprint all products are flatpacked and free from chemicals.

We use formaldehyde-free glue, choose water-based paint or even avoiding using paint by implementing other techniques such as carbonisation and oxidation. Our final products are chemical-, pesticide-, herbicide- and fertilizer-free. 

The Upcycle

At We Do Wood we have a great collaboration with The Upcycle. The Upcycle is an Aarhus-based B2B material exchange platform.

The company was founded with an ambition to create an advanced overview of every surplus material in the industry and production sectors.

As a member of the platform we gain easy access to other companies surplus materials and collaborations are effortlessly achieved.

Our environment

We are a registred Tree Nation partner. As a partner we are planting trees to contribute to the reforesting. The world needs help to fight climate change, and planting and caring for the trees will hopefully help with maintaining and restoring the ecosystem. 

Furthermore we are a member of the danish landscape protection organisation called Danmarks Naturfredningsforening.

Here we are contributing to the protection of plant and animal life, to preserving unique Danish natural areas, reducing climate impacts, protecting the drinking water, and reducing waste and pollution.




Accountable and responsible partners

” At We Do Wood we are all about walking the talk”


We Do Wood

Balticagade 12. 1.

DK-8000 Aarhus. C.

Mail: info@wedowood.dk

Phone: +45 49 40 48 80