Lifestyle and Design Cluster is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Circular Funiture Days during 3 days of design 2022.

All the exhibitors deal with circular economy and/or sustainability in one way or another. As you will discover, it is a big and rather diverse world, that both include sustainable business plans, reused materials, and products made of things you couldn’t imagine being used in that way.

That’s the beauty of circular economy. And it’s already creating the furniture and interior design of tomorrow.

Venue: DesignMuseum Danmark / Lifestyle Lab CPH, Bredgade 74, København K

Date: 15th -17th of June 2022

At We Do Wood we look forward to seeing lots of customers and partners during the 3 Days of Design. Note: We Do Wood is also situated at DDcated Designhub, Frederikholms Kanal, at the lapidarium of Kings during 3 Days of Design.