At We Do Wood we are very proud that our bestseller Fivesquare is nominated in the category “småmøbler” (small furniture) at the danish interior award Design Favoritter hosted by @bobedre and @boligmagasinet

A top professional jury from the 2 magazines has chosen the selected nomineed products for each category – and we are very proud to be 1 out of 7 in our category!

The jurys statement for choosing the Fivesquare for the nomination:

We Do Wood must have had a good feeling the first time they did put their prototype on the wall thinking: This is going to be great! “Because that’s exactly what their ‘Fivesquare’ shelf is!

Imagine creating such a small but functional piece of furniture! It is the answer to the ‘decor prayers’ in many small homes. ‘Fivesquare’ has an almost magical ability to transform the most impossible wall in the small entrance hall, the small kitchen, behind the door, in the small “Copenhagen bathroom” and many more, into usable square meters.

For the same reason ‘Fivesquare’ is rapidly approching a membership of the group of neoclassics that will have a relevance for many years into the future.