Our responsibility

At We Do Wood we create aesthetic furniture; and always with a sustainable footprint.
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Global Goals

We strive to follow the Sustainable Development Goals to create a better world by 2030.

Circular Economy

We follow the philosophy that everything that nature creates is recycled.

Sustainable Furniture

We work with residual and environmentally friendly materials.

We don’t see the concept of sustainability as a passing phase, we view it as our very foundation.

Ethics and aesthetics must go hand in hand.

Our products

We combine a sustainable mindset, circular economy and a nordic aesthetic to create high-quality furniture.
We believe that furniture should last through generations – both when it comes to materials and design.

Our philosophy

A piece of furniture is a succes when it invites you to use it and does not require to much explanation. That’s the opinion of Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen.

What’s new?

At We Do Wood we are on a continuous journey.
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Balticagade 12, 1., 8000 Aarhus

We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011, based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand. We're all about walking the talk for a better future.

We Do Wood is certified FSC® C138925 / GFA-COC-003142-BK

Our responsibility

Our journey

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