We are very proud to announce that we have just won the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 with our Loop Desk. The table is designed by Michael Sebber Colfelt from Superform Design. 

When Michael Sebber Colfelt designed the table he looked into the possibilities of creating a table which was both minimalistic, had beautiful details and at one and the same time highly functional.

The outcome of these thoughts was the design of the Loop Desk which is a light foldable table, perfect for small rooms and small house living. The table explained: The table is made of oak and brass, with a small hole in the tabletop, to either use to pull up the table or to use for cables for computer or other devices. The table is beautiful as it is when it is folded out, however also gives a very stylish addition to the room when lifted up.

The jury of the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 was very excited about the details of the table and the great functionality which made We Do Wood a Winner.